Our Divisions

We organize our operations in four segments: Automotive, Industrial Power Control, Power Management & Multimarket and Digital Security Solutions.


Semiconductors are essential to realizing key trends like electro-mobility, automated driving and secure, connected cars.

We are the leading semiconductor partner in the fast-changing automotive world, based on our system knowledge coupled with our passion for innovation and quality. We are a key driver in the ever-advancing pace of digitalization in the automotive industry.

We shape the future of mobility with micro-electronics enabling clean, safe and smart cars.

Industrial Power Control

亚洲成在人线免费视频 Power semiconductors play a crucial role in increasing efficiency and reducing energy losses along the whole energy conversion chain.

亚洲成在人线免费视频 As the global leader in power semiconductors, we deliver leading products and solutions for smart and efficient energy generation, transmission and consumption. We strive to make this planet a greener place where sufficient energy is accessible to everyone – wherever and whenever they need it.

亚洲成在人线免费视频 We empower a world of unlimited energy.

Power Management & Multimarket

亚洲成在人线免费视频 Semiconductors play a vital role in enabling intelligent power management, smart sensitivity as well as fast and reliable data processing in an increasingly digitalized world.

亚洲成在人线免费视频  Our leading-edge power devices make chargers, adapters, power tools and lighting systems smarter, smaller, lighter and more energy-efficient. Our trusted sensors increase the context sensitivity of "things" and systems such as HMI, and our RF chips power fast and reliable data communication.

We drive leading-edge power management, sensing and data transfer capabilities.

Digital Security Solutions

亚洲成在人线免费视频 In today's digital world, where more and more "things" and systems are connecting, hardware-based security is a core need.

亚洲成在人线免费视频 We are the leading provider of security solutions for the connected world. We make life easier, smarter and more secure with our trusted, game-changing security solutions covering applications as diverse as payment, government ID, connected cars, IoT and ICT.

We deliver security for the connected world.